TouchMix-30 Pro Functions are now also available for TouchMix-8 &16!

QSC Professional is presenting the new Firmware Version 3.0 for TouchMix-8 &16. Many of the functions available until now exclusively for the TouchMix-30 Pro are now also available for TouchMix-8 & 16!

Version 3.0 includes 20 significant enhancements that make the TouchMix 8 & 16 Mixers the most powerful and versatile, easy-to-use compact mixers. In the appendix of this message a list and a comparison table of the new functions can be found for a simple overview.

A new firmware version 1.2 is also available for TouchMix-30 Pro users. The new version includes, in addition to further system extensions, all the new features that are included for the TouchMix 8 & 16 in the new version 3.0.

Both Firmware-Upgrades are available now as free downloads.

New, expnaded versions of the TouchMix-30 Pro and TouchMix-8 & 16 Control Apps are available via the App Store and Google Play:
TouchMix-8 & 16 Control App Android
TouchMix-8 & 16 Control App iOS
TouchMix-30 Pro Control App Android
TouchMix-30 Pro Control App iOS


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